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                      WELCOME TO ALICN!

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                      Alicn Medical (Shenzhen) INC. founded in 2010, is a national high-tech medical enterprise integrating research, development, design, manufacturing and sales. Its headquarters is located in shenzhen, with multiple production bases and technical research institutions throughout the country. Sales network throughout the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other domestic and foreign regions. In 2016, Alicn successfully landed in NEEQ (Stock Code:837270), which laid the foundation for the further realization of becoming a well-known medical brand in China.

                      Currently, Alicn is based on three major markets of Home health Care, Professional medical and Mobile Medical, and increase input of independent technology research and development.   We formed a transformation strategic alliance of industry-university-research with a number of well-known universities in Guangxi and Suzhou.

                      Alicn has developed a high-precision temperature compensation algorithm leading the industry, upgraded the industry's differential blood pressure algorithm, established an advanced high and low temperature environmental laboratory, applied for and owned nearly 100 patents, and built the company's strong technical research and development strength.

                      Innovative technology through scientific research;Forging reputation for quality. Now, Alicn  Medical (Shenzhen) INC. have nearly 200 employees and the world-class production and assembly equipment with ISO13485:2003 system issued by TUV of Germany. Our products are certified with CE, FDA and CFDA. With brands of Fond, World Health and BBL, our products are emerging in global market respectively based on home, professional and medical care services. At the same time, in the field of OEM and ODM services, by optimizing supply chain management, the company integrates the consciousness of pursuing high quality into every process of product manufacturing, and improves customer satisfaction with excellent quality and considerate service.

                      In the future, taking the public health as our goal, Alicn will go on to become a well-known brand factory all over the world and bring healthy management concepts and advanced solutions to thousands of families in China and overseas countries.

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