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                      Blood pressure monitor and infrared thermometer of Alicn appear in CMEF expo, all of us could feel the power of a hundred cut to see extraordinary.

                      Update:2018-10-29  View:2377

                      The 80th CMEF (China international medical device expo) was held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center on October 29, 2016.On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, in response to the theme of this exhibition, "the power of progress",Alicn showed up at the exhibition with new products of household health care, blood pressure monitor and infrared thermometer, presenting a new concept of "a hundred ways to see the extraordinary" to customers and audiences.In addition to the functional features of the new products, we also measured the blood pressure of customers who came to visit the exhibition, so that they could experience the blood pressure monitor of Alicn.

                      CMEF is just a starting point for Alicn. In the future, Alicn will take public health as the main road, and strive to become a well-known brand respected by the public as its goal, constantly surpass itself, and bring healthy management concepts and advanced solutions to millions of families in China and overseas countries.

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