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                      Update:2019-11-28  View:2421

                      At the end of November 2019, pingshan, shenzhen, welcomed the biomedical market development summit forum under the background of "One Belt And One Road". During the forum meeting, more than 20 senior executives of medical enterprises from overseas countries went to Alicn to observe and study under the guidance of government policies in pingshan district. Focus on the main products and research and development technical strength of Alicn, and the production environment and quality control system of related medical devices were investigated. Then all of them affirmed the influence of Alicn in domestic and foreign markets. In addition, they also had in-depth exchanges and discussions with the leaders of Alicn on the latest progress, research hotspots, medical and health policies, bidding and procurement, international market development and other hot issues of new medical devices in Asia, Europe and Africa, One Belt And One Road countries and China, laying a solid foundation for further cooperation and development.

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